Jack & Cola

Ready-to-drink Jack & Cola is a mix of the original Jack Daniel's Black Label and Cola, the legendary mix. With an alcohol percentage of only 5%, this mix is perfect for festivals and supermarket sales.
  • Name: Jack & Cola
  • Category: Tennessee whiskey
  • Origin: Lynchburg - Tennessee - USA
  • Alcohol Percentage: 5%
  • Perfect Serve: drink it ice cold

Jack & Cola Assortment:

Jack & Coke

The legendary mix in a can.


Jack & Ginger

Jack Daniel’s old No7 mixed with ginger ale.



More about Jack

  • Jack & Coke, a perfect mix in a can
  • Jack & Coke is the most widely consumed Coke mix at festivals like Pinkpop
  • The iconic Jack Daniel's is America's oldest whisky distillery
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