Premium rum that has undergone the Solera ageing process, giving it a smooth taste. This is a unique process, mainly used when producing sherry.
  • Name: Matusalem
  • Category: Rum
  • Origin: San Diego - Dominican Republic
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: Cuba Libre

Matusalem Assortment:

Matusalem Platino

Three times distilled, filtered and refined into a rum of exceptional clean, subtle taste and
delicate balance.


Matusalem Classico

Exceptional quality and softness, perfect for the Cuba Libre.


Matusalem Gran Reserva

The ‘Cognac of the Rums’. The rum in this Gran Reserva has been aged for an average of 15 years. Drink it neat or on the rocks.


Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera

Matusalem 23 years Gran Reserva has undergone the traditional Solera ageing process. Rich in taste and perfect for sipping.


More about Matusalem

  • Matusalem is the world’s leading super premium rum
  • First made in Santiago de Cuba in 1872, its exceptional taste and smoothness make it Cuba’s favourite rum
  • An important technique (‘Solera’) in the original Matusalem recipe was traditionally used by the Spanish when producing sherry
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