Mia Sangria by Freixenet

Sangria, a typical and refreshing Spanish aperitif. Freixenet introduces Mia Sangria, the indulgence from Barcelona.
  • Name: Mia Sangria by Freixenet
  • Category: Sangria
  • Origin: Barcelona - Spain
  • Alcohol Percentage: 8.5%
  • Perfect Serve: with a lot of ice and citrus fruits

Fill a carafe with plenty of ice cubes and orange and lemon slices. For the Classic Royal, strawberries may also be added. At the table, add the bottle of Mia Sangria to the generously filled carafe.


Classic Royal

1 bottle of Mia Sangria Classic Royal
A tempting carafe of sangria, filled with plenty of ice and citrus fruit

Mia by Freixenet Assortment:

Freixenet Mia Sangria Classic Royal

The Classic Royal is bright purple, the true colour of traditional Sangria. The aroma reveals the citrus fruits, especially lemon and orange.


Freixenet Mia Sangria White Frizzante

This variety is slightly lemon in colour. The sparkling sensation in the mouth makes this sangria extremely appealing and surprising.