Schweppes Selections

Tonics developed by renowned mixologists. Specially created for the ultimate cocktail. The unparalleled intensity of the longest bubble allows you to enjoy the perfect mix for up to 30 minutes. Even the packaging contributes to the maintenance of quality. Everything in the recipe has been developed to bring out the spirit as well as possible.
  • Name: Schweppes Selections
  • Category: Mixers
  • Origin: Madrid
  • Perfect Serve: Delicious in combination with Bulldog Gin

Schweppes premium tonic is heerlijk in combinatie met de stoere Bulldog gin en een zeste van limoen.

Bulldog Gin
Schweppes Tonic

5 cl Bulldog Gin
15 cl Schweppes premium Tonic
Limoen zeste

Schweppes Selections Assortment:


For the Original Gin & Tonic. In this formula you will find the numerous and inimitable bubbles of Schweppes Premium Mixer. The touch of lime goes wonderfully along with the taste of juniper, the basis of gin. The ideal mix for various premium alcoholic drinks. Thanks to the subtle and discreet taste, the aromas of quality alcohol are optimally reflected.


Pink Pepper

For a spicy mix. Connoisseurs who are looking for new sensory experiences try Pink Pepper, a herb that has been carefully studied to make the essence of strong alcoholic beverages flourish and to give it a slight rebellious test.


Orange Blossom & Lavander

For a floral mix. Make way for the aromas of subtly crafted lavender and orange blossom. The floral touch caresses your papillae and is the perfect supplement for dry gins. A gin & tonic with a Mediterranean side, which releases all its finesse.



The new tonic in the Schweppes Premium Mixer range is distinguished by a subtle floral and fruity taste and a slight pink hue that reminds us of the color of the Hibiscus flower. This plant, which has been used for centuries in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, is the perfect complement for an elegant and balanced Gin Tonic with colorful touches


Ginger Ale

Subtle ginger flavors & a surprisingly fresh taste.



The new taste of 2018. Matcha is green tea from Japan, with a soft yet spicy taste.