Sparkletini by Verdi

Sparkletini by Verdi is an elegant, tasteful Italian spumante made in Italy.
  • Name: Sparkletini by Verdi
  • Category: Italian spumante
  • Origin: Italy
  • Alcohol Percentage: 5%

Verdi Assortment:


In this bottle, the typical aroma and flavour of raspberries is combined with a competent mix of white and red wine along with fermented malt.



The delicate flavour of elderflower is expertly combined with a mix of wines and fermented malt.



This unique Sparkletini adds the taste of pomegranate to the blend of white and red wines along with fermented malt.



The pleasant delicate flavour of ripe peach is blended with the competent mix of wines and fermented malt.



This new variant arises from the encounter between the Acai berry, a fruit from the Amazon region, with the typical base of all Sparkletini’s; wine and fermented malt.


More about Verdi

  • Verdi is made by Bosca in Italy, famous for refined ‘wine-based sparkling beverages’ since 1831
  • Verdi wines are renowned for their full bouquet, subtle flavours and low alcohol content
  • Verdi sparkling wines are available in elegant bottles with special, easily-recognisable caps which preserve the sparkle in the wine
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