The House of Angostura is the producer of world’s most famous aromatic bitter, but also offers a range of refined rums.
  • Name: Angostura
  • Category: Rum
  • Origin: Trinidad
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40% - 37.5%
  • Perfect Serve: Pure or in cocktails

Angostura Rum Assortment:

Angostura 5yo

Angostura 5 Year Old Rum is a sophisticated blend of light golden rums that have matured for at least 5 years in used bourbon oak barrels.


Angostura 7yo

The Angostura 7 Year Old Rum consists of a selection of light, medium and heavy rums, aged for at least 7 years.


Angostura 1824

Angostura 1824 is a sophisticated rum that has been maturing for at least 12 years.


Angostura 1919

Angostura 1919 is a light blend of rums, aged on burned, used bourbon barrels. A premium rum to enjoy neat.


Angostura Reserva

Matured for a minimum of 3 years, Angostura Reserva is a beautiful superior white rum (37.5% alcohol): pure and translucent, soft and flavoursome with hints of roasted ripe bananas and other exotic tropical fruit aromas.



More about Angostura Rum

  • The Angostura rums are blended by very experienced master blenders who are still educated according to the original traditions
  • Master distiller John Georges and the blenders are involved in every phase of production – from the selection of the molasses to choosing the barrels – to guarantee the highest quality and consistency.
  • Our rums are 100% Trinidadian, made in one distillery on one island. These are very similar to a single malt, but much better
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