A Brand New Day has unique brand building strategies. We set to work very precisely to create brand fans in the very heart of our target group: consumers who totally embrace a brand and develop a rock-solid brand preference. We therefore create added value in every channel and ensure ‘bar calls’ in hospitality venues and ‘brand calls’ in retail. Through our long-term strategy, we help create additional sales today and even more brand loyalty tomorrow.

Every channel requires a unique approach

Building brands today requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Our brand programmes are tailored specifically to each sales channel. Our channel experts ensure the perfect execution in the catering industry, at events and on the retail floor.

Thinking about drinking

You won't be able to enjoy yourself unlimitedly until you know your own limits. That applies to A Brand New Day just as much as it does to our devotees. As one of the market leaders, we take our responsibility very seriously.



At A Brand New Day, we like brands and like building them. We are good at that, so we focus entirely on marketing and sales. For seamless logistics, we place our trust in the specialists at BSB (Beer & Selected Beverages).