For more than 260 years, Appleton Estate has been processing raw earthy sugar cane into a beautiful final product. They add warmth, passion and the unique spirit of Jamaica to every drop of rum produced. The result is a golden rum that contains true beauty; tasteful and vibrant, fiery aromatic and deeply steeped with flavour.
  • Name: Appleton
  • Category: Rum
  • Origin: Jamaica
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: Pure

Appleton Assortment:

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

A full bodied, medium-sweet rum. This is a blended rum, a blend of 15 different rums with different styles and ages, with no age statement on the bottle.


Appleton Estate Reserve Blend

A rich rum with an aroma of oak, nutmeg and smoked herbs. The perfect accompaniment for unforgettable rum cocktails or for pure enjoyment.


More about Appleton

  • Since 1749, all Appleton Estate rums have been produced on an area of nearly 4,500 acres in the Nassau Valley
  • The Nassau Valley is part of Jamaica's world-renowned Cockpit Country, a distinctive limestone plateau with a karst landscape, that has developed over millions of years
  • This is the only plantation located on the limestone plateau, with a unique 'terroir' (a combination of specific weather conditions, soil and geographical demarcation that gives all its rum species a unique quality). This is pure proof that the origin of your rum really does make a difference!
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