Cachaça 51

Cachaça is the main ingredient of the Caipirinha cocktail. It is produced in the same way as rum, but has a stronger flavour. With a production in excess of 175 million litres a year, Cachaça 51 is one of the world's largest spirits brands.
  • Name: Cachaça 51
  • Category: Cachaça
  • Origin: Pirassununga - Brazil
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: Caipirinha

Crush the cane sugar and lime. Add crushed ice and the Cachaca 51. Stir thoroughly and top up the glass with crushed ice.


Brazilian enjoyment!

Two bar spoons of cane sugar
4 lime segments
Crushed ice
5 cl Cachaça 51

More about Cachaça

  • Cachaça is a Brazilian drink, made in the same way as rum but has a stronger flavour.
  • ‘51’ is the most popular Cachaça in Brazil, the Netherlands and worldwide.
  • Cachaça 51 is an essential ingredient in the famous Brazilian caipirinha cocktail.
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