A sparkling Italian non-alcoholic bitter-sweet aperitif, with quite a bite!
  • Name: Crodino
  • Category: Bitter
  • Origin: Italy
  • Alcohol Percentage: Non-alcoholic 0%
  • Perfect Serve: with a lot of ice cubes and a slice of orange

To serve Crodino to perfection, place a handful of ice cubes in a wine glass, add Crodino and garnish with a slice of orange.


Bitter-sweet non-alcoholic aperitif

1 bottle of Crodino
, plenty of ice and a slice of orange

Crodino Assortment:

Crodino Biondo

De unieke smaak van Crodino is het resultaat van een zorgvuldig proces, waarbij maar liefst 30 verschillende natuurlijke vruchten, kruiden en specerijen worden gebruikt.

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Crodino Rosso

Crodino met bloedsinaasappel die zorgt voor een flinke dosis zomerse frisheid.

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Crodino Biondo Horeca 17.5cl

De originele Crodino in 17.5cl formaat, speciaal ontwikkeld voor horeca.

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More about Crodino

  • A sparkling Italian non-alcoholic aperitif with a bite! Seasoned with fine herbs and natural southern fruit extracts, this aperitif is bitter-sweet and refreshing.
  • Water from the ancient spring "Fonte Lisiel" forms the basis of Crodino. This spring was discovered in 1685 in the town of Crodo, close to Lake Maggiore
  • Crodino was developed by the Società Terme di Crodo about 30 years ago.
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