Exceptionally refined Scottish whisky – Fettercairn is unique for its purity! The Fettercairn distillery is the only distillery on the foot of the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains (Highlands). In the mid-1950s the whisky-makers at Fettercairn experimented, seeking ways to create a purer expression of their spirit. They found that pouring water down the still cooled the copper, increasing condensation inside so only the lightest vapours could rise for collection. With this knowledge they fashioned a unique copper cooling ring around the neck of the stills drenching them with crystal clear mountain water - an ingenious and practical solution to creating their exceptional whisky, a technique which remains unique in Scotch whisky-making to this day.
  • Name: Fettercairn
  • Category: Scotch Single Malt
  • Origin: Scotland
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%