Frangelico is an irresistible Italian hazelnut liqueur. Locally grown hazelnuts, mixed with coffee, cocoa and vanilla extracts.
  • Name: Frangelico
  • Category: Hazelnut liqueur
  • Origin: Piemonte - Italy
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: On the rocks

Also delicious when added to an Affogato dessert.

Pour the Frangelico and the hot espresso into liqueur glasses. Choose a wide-necked glass for the scoop of vanilla ice cream. Serve the 3 glasses together on a plate. After serving, pour the Frangelico and espresso over the vanilla ice.

Frangelico on the rocks

3 ice cubes
4 cl Frangelico

More about Frangelico

  • An ancient Italian hazelnut liqueur based on wild hazelnuts, berries, bitter almonds, orange blossom and cinnamon
  • Due to the soft and rich hazelnut flavour, this liqueur is often consumed pure or on the rocks
  • Frangelico is also delicious in espresso, mixed in cold coffee drinks or blended with chocolate
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