Jack Daniel's

The original Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. Charcoal filtered, giving the whiskey a unique taste and aroma. Due to the 'sour mash' principle, the taste and character remain constant. Jack Daniel's Black Label is the No. 1 mix whiskey. Drink it with Coke, the legendary mix.
  • Name: Jack Daniel's
  • Category: Tennessee Whiskey
  • Origin: Lynchburg, Tennessee, USA
  • Alcohol Percentage: 40%
  • Perfect Serve: Jack & Coke

Pour 3.5 cl of Jack Daniel’s into a long drink and top it off with cola. Serve with plenty of ice.

Jack & Coke

The legendary mix

3,5cl Jack Daniel’s Old No 7
a glass filled with ice
Coca Cola

Jack Daniel’s Assortment:

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Al little bit of honey, a whole lot of Jack.

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire

You need fire to make Jack and Jack to make fire.

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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple

Real crisp apples, real Jack Daniel’s.

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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel

Each barrel is unique and individually selected by our master distiller.

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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack

The only whiskey that is filtered twice through charcoal.

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Jack & Cola

The legendary mix in a can.

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Jack & Ginger

Jack Daniel’s old No7 in the mix with ginger ale.


More about Jack Daniel's

  • The iconic Jack Daniel's is America's oldest whiskeydistillery
  • Every single drop of Jack Daniel’s comes from Lynchburg, a Tennessee village with 600 inhabitants – half of which work for Jack Daniel’s
  • The unique charcoal filtering used to make Jack Daniel’s, is the reason why it is a Tennessee Whiskey (a category to itself) and not a ‘bourbon’
  • Jack and cola is enjoyed at more than 100 events and all major festivals in the Netherlands
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