Southern Comfort

The taste of the America's Deep South in a fruity whisky liqueur. Southern Comfort is based on a traditional and secret recipe, with a hint of cinnamon, orange, vanilla and peach.
  • Name: Southern Comfort
  • Category: whisky liqueur
  • Origin: New Orleans - USA
  • Alcohol Percentage: 35%
  • Perfect Serve: On the rocks with a slice of lime

More about Southern Comfort

  • Southern Comfort was created in 1874; at that time, many people disliked whisky, so bartender Martin Wilkes Heron mixed whisky with fruit and herbs. The resulting product was named Cuffs & Buttons and Heron served it in the taverns where he worked. In 1885, the name was changed to Southern Comfort. Nowadays its unique flavour still reflects the character of New Orleans.
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