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  • Name: Monin
  • Category: Syrups
  • Origin: Bourges, France
  • Perfect Serve: Base for various cocktails, teas, smoothies and fruit punches

Muddle the lime with the Monin Mojito Mint syrup in a tall glass. Add a lot of crushed ice. Pour 40ml of Angostura rum into the glass and add the mint leaves. Top off with Badoit. Stir well. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

Freshy Mojito

with Monin Mojito Mint

20ml Monin Mojito syrup
3 lime wedges
crushed ice
40ml Angostura rum
mint leaves
Badoit rouge

Monin Assortment:

Cane sugar

Made from 100% pure cane sugar and filtered water. A nice base for various cocktails, teas, smoothies and fruit punches.



An authentic, fragrant elderflower syrup with an attractive, fresh and juicy taste.



A subtle, balanced blend of spices in which the sour of lemon is combined with soft almonds.



The most used and diverse seasoning in classic bar mixology. Besides cocktails, a favorite ingredient in mocktails, sodas and lemonade.



One of the first syrups in the Monin portfolio. Delicious in desserts, soft drinks but also in milkshakes.



A refreshing and unique taste. To be used in Gin-Tonics, Martini’s, sodas and iced teas.



The basis for various cordials and cocktails such as the famous Kir royal. Also good to use in sodas, smoothies, lemonades, teas and fruit punches.



A full, sweet cherry syrup. A delicious summer syrup, to be used in cocktails, mocktails, sodas, lemonades and frappé’s.



Many classic cocktails such as the Gin-Tonic, Caipirinha, Margarita, Mojito and Cuba Libre use the sharp, aromatic flavor of lime.



Raspberries are delicious but very vulnerable to transport. With Monin raspberry syrup you can enjoy the same excellent raspberry flavor all year round.


spicy mango

This Monin syrup combines sweet mango with spicy Serrano pepper. This sweet / spicy combination is a unique blend for which you keep coming back.


Le fruit

Fruit purees with at least 50% fruit as a base for cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and all other fruit-based recipes. Available in 18 flavors.