Peated malt whisky is hot!

If you are looking for something different to tease your taste buds, the concept Peated Malts of Distinction is the answer. The power of four distinct brands are bundled into one unique concept. The brands each have their own identity, unique flavour and come from different parts of Scotland and Ireland. They share the very popular smokiness of peated malt whisky. Diverging from very light to super heavily peated.

Ardmore Legacy

Any full peated whisky from the Highlands of Scotland

Very accessible from taste, soft and slightly smoky

PPM: 10


The only Irish peated single malt whiskey

Soft and sweet taste with a tin of smoke, typical Irish

PPM: 15


Oldest distillery on the most famous whisky island of Scotland Islay

Very balanced in terms of taste. Big loyal user group

PPM: 25

Laphroaig Select

World's most famous and popular Islay malt

Very complex in terms of taste: heavy peated, tough and medicinal.

PPM: 45